Our Philosophy

There are things in life for which you develop a very special relationship - with passion, with love. For us it is the bike and the way of living that comes with it in terms of moving from one place to the other: quickly, joyfully, comfortably, strolling, racingly … all by yourself or with others in a group. It’s not only about getting from one place to another, riding is pure pleasure!


It suggests itself that we design a bike ourselves. A bike which fits you like a tailor-made suit - our QiruBike. In contrast to the conventional bike, you are involved in the development process of your own QiruBike. You will be delighted to own a wooden bike which was made especially for you: a wooden hand charmer with a new unusual frame design (European Design Protection No. 004681963-0001).


The riding comfort of the wooden QiruBikes is based on the bending properties of the multi-bonded wood veneers, its innovative frame and saddle geometry und the individually adjusted saddle-to-handlebar positioning. The QiruBike with its weight of about 11 kg can be easily lifted and carried.


The whole diversity of colours of our domestic woods are at your disposal for your individually designed frame. You may bring your own ideas or allow us, your QiruBike team, to help you with our professional expertise in your decision-making process. The result will be as unique as you are; a hand-made wooden bike made with love of details.

Our Story  

We like to turn things upside down since we are Son & Father: The father was so enthousiated by his son’s first home-made bicycle that they founded QiruBike manufacture in December 2016.


Until that date, Ernesto, who is the father, had been dedicating his free time to restoring old steel bikes of high quality. For son Jairo the QiruBike is a perfect means of transport for short and long distances, for enjoying fresh air, for physical fitness and for the impetus to successfully meet challenges. And all this together with love for beautiful designs and good handiwork.


Aesthetics, functionality and the simple joy of riding the QiruBike thrilled family and friends so much that the frame model „The leaf“ is currently manufactured as Racing Bikes, Cross Bikes and Cruiser Bikes.